Register and Vote!

Register and Vote!

Register and Vote!

Jan 282015

Most bills submitted for the Virginia General Assembly (GA) never make it to the full membership of the GA. Rather, they die in Committees and Subcommittees. Your own representatives may never get a chance to comment or vote on these bills. It should also be noted that these Committee Meetings, while open to the public, they are not recorded and minutes are not taken. While Meetings of Committees are scheduled ahead of time, the discussion of any particular bill could occur with only a few hours notice, preventing a lot of interested people from attending the meeting.

This lack of transparency makes me wonder what has transpired. So, a quick look at the LIS Legislative Committees webpage and pick out a committee. Picking the Senate Privileges and Election Committee, I then click on the “Failed” link under Committee Legislation and here is the list of those bills that will not make it out for a full vote:


Senate Privileges and Elections


Vogel (Chairman), Martin, Howell, Deeds, Obenshain, Edwards, McEachin, Smith, Carrico, Reeves, Garrett, Alexander, Miller, Cosgrove, Dance


Tuesday, 4:00 p.m, Senate Room A

Failed legislation: (registered users: create report or csv file)

You may or may not have a vested interest in any of these bill but, I for one would have liked to see SJ 264 put to a vote. And coming up with a Redistricting Commission (SJ 224) that would prevent the adjustment of districts in order to create safe districts for parties would maybe provide a better way to let the voices of the people be heard.

Remember, it is still early so this “Elephant Bill Graveyard” will continue to grow (of course, this is also just the list from one Committee of the 25 Committees that are filtering the bills that come before the full General Assembly.

My questions to you? How well are your interests being reflected in these decisions and why isn’t transparency a part of this process?

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Dec 172014
Why Medicaid Needs To Be Expanded in Virginia

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Sep 082014
Are You Really Registered to Vote in Virginia?

A letter dated June 23 and signed by Sec. of Dept. of Elections of VA was sent out to approximately 125,000 registered Virginia voters ( A News Release from the VA. Dept. of Elections, dated July 30, 014, “Commissioner’s Statement Regarding Incorrect Voter Mailing” can be found here: This  News Release acknowledges that letters […]

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Aug 092014

I have discussed the use of Richmond Sunlight several times in blogs. This time I want to talk about another very useful tool provided by The Virginia Public Access Project ( On their front website page, you will find three primary headings: 1) Candidates and Elections, 2) Money in Politics, and 3) General Assembly. While […]

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Jun 122014

Responses: Thank you to @AARPVa & @LWVVA for the invite to #ThePeoplesDebate! I’m happy to accept & participate. I hope @MarkWarnerVA will do the same. — Ed Gillespie (@EdWGillespie) June 12, 2014     Post by League of Women Voters of Virginia. Post by League of Women Voters of Virginia.

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