Use Project Vote Smart to Learn About Candidates

There is a lot of “information” being tossed around on the Internet about different candidates. Note, I used the word “information” NOT “facts”. I have learned to look for the information myself rather than have it spoon fed to me. Something about “eating” that “information”which has been “pre-digested/regurgitated” by others, is a real turn off […]

Redistricting in the General Assembly

Tuesday Feb. 2 in the House Privileges and Elections Sub-Committee: Elections. In a previous post ( there is a list of several bills concerning redistricting that were in the hands of this subcommittee this morning. So, what happened? HB 26 Congressional and state legislative districts; standards and criteria for drawing districts. 02/02/16 ┬áHouse: Subcommittee recommends […]

Time for a new look.

2016 is looking to be one big year for elections. I don’t want to miss anything. That means I turn the site upside down and start trying to put together important information. I want the information to be informative but non-partisan so I have included information from the most non-partisan groups I know of, the […]

2015 Virginia Election Page Added

Just finished up the first subpage for the new 2015 Virginia Election Page. It is about how to find your “Sample Ballot” on the State Board of Elections website. There’s no time like the present to get ready to vote. Find your “Sample Ballot” using this information: What’s on my Ballot? For future reference, look […]